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White Branch

“I am so thankful that you introduced me to yoga!  It's always good and is a great

way to break up the week w/o leaving the house.  You are a

great yogi!

— Susan

White Structure

“I am so grateful to have a customized

yoga session to help

me work through the annoyances of my

body aging.  Thank

you for changing 

my life 

through yoga.”

— Pam —

I have been doing Yoga

with Abbie for over 14 months and I look forward to class

twice a week.  You have taught me how to breathe again

and I am more flexible and focused every day! 

Thank you so much for your patience and commitment!

— Dannette —

White Grass

“Class was awesome!  

I wish I could do that every day with you.  You're such a good instructor!”

— Alysha —

White Feather

“I really feel centered and calmer after your classes, which is why I like them so much.”

— Michella 

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